Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be requested via My Health On Line, your local chemist/pharmacy or by posting your repeat slip into one of our prescription boxes.  As our reception desks are extremely busy dealing with other patient issues we do not take prescription requests over the desk. P

when using your repeat request slip, please ensure you have clearly ticked the items you require. As part of an NHS wide initiative if items are not ticked they will not be issued. Please remember to allow at least 72 hours for the request to be processed and a further 24 hours if you are asking your local pharmacy to dispense and deliver the items for you.

For safety reasons repeat prescriptions cannot be issued on demand ie the same day.  We therefore ask all of our patients to ensure they do not run out of medication and request in plenty of time. You can request your prescription up to 1 week before you run out.

Please make sure you nominate your chosen pharmacy so we know where to send it to.   If you do not want it sent to a pharmacy please ensure you provide a stamped addressed envelope with our request so that we know where to send it.


Please consider using  our online service for requesting repeat prescriptions and making appointments. Once you have completed the registration process it is extremely quick and easy.  Please visit our online services section for further information or speak to a member of staff. 

Prescription requests cannot be requested via the telephone and requests will not be taken.  This is for safety reasons and to ensure the phone lines are kept clear for patients needing to speak with staff for other issue.

Use your Local Pharmacy

All local pharmacies are happy for you to request your medication through them.  they will take your request over the telephone and then request your medication from us. Following this they collect and dispense your medication and if needed they can deliver your medication to you (if you are eligible).  Please allow your chosen pharmacy and extra day for this processes.    You can request your medication up to a week before the due date.  This will give us time to arrange your prescription, your pharmacy to dispense it and you to collect before your medication runs out.

Medication Reviews

Medication reviews needed are highlighted on your repeat prescription, or by the pharmacist. This should therefore give 1 month notice that an appointment is needed to review the medication. It will not be dispensed without a review. Please arrange a routine appointment for medication reviews unless you are not able to make an appointment e.g. housebound. If you feel you are being recalled too frequently for reviews please discuss with the clinician so they can assess your use of medications and try and reduce your recall.

In working to continually improve our quality of care we regularly review the drugs prescribed for our patients. You may find that the name of your prescribed medication has changed but please be assured that those prescribed are the same or equal to your previous medication - only the name will have changed. From time to time we may ask you to see the doctor as part of this review. If you have any queries regarding your medication then please discuss them with the doctors.

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